Grateful is an Understatement!

Grateful is an Understatement!

Every year during this time, we take a few moments to reflect on the instances that made an impact on us. In the rearview, we can see our highs, our lows and all the moments in between that were pure joy. In front of us, is a vision board full of goals, hopes and dreams that will keep us motivated for a better and bigger 2022. 

Our launch this year could not have happened without the encouragement of our family and friends. You know who you are and to you we are forever grateful. Thank you for being our sounding board, for allowing us to vent when things got tricky, but most of all --for pushing us to believe in ourselves and take this leap of faith. 

To our Chaos Panda Crew, the new part of our extended family -- THANK YOU for believing in our brand. THANK YOU for having faith in our products. But, most of all THANK YOU for believing in our message. Chaos Panda Clothing truly came to life the moment we saw it embraced by our community. There are moments in our lives that leave a lasting impact. When we saw the first order come through from someone that was not a family member or friend, any reservations we had about launching Chaos Panda Clothing went out the window. In that moment, we knew this was special and that our message and mission resonates with others. 

As we forge forward, we hope continue to encourage our Chaos Panda Crew (big and small) to live outside the box. To embrace all the parts of who you are. To live wildly, to be adventurous and to do the things that make your soul excited about having a human experience. 

To say we are grateful for your love and support is a true understatement. Thank you for making 2021 so special! We can't wait for you to experience all that we have in store for 2022! 



The Chaos Panda Team